Covenant Bible Study

CBS 225

Series Beginning Sep 13.
Shiny Gods 2015 2

Sep 13.
What Do You Love?
Psalm 135:15-17.
Sep 20.
Work: An Outcome, Not an Income.
2 Kings 4:1-7.
Sep 27.
Real Treasure.
2 Corinthians 9:6-12.
Oct 4.
You're It.
Romans 12:1.
Mark 9:30-37.



September 27, 2015-11am-"Real Treasure"

Sermon Series: "shiny gods"

Click Here September 20th 11am service-"Work: An Outcome-Not an Income"

Click Here September 13th- 11am- "What Do You Love"

Click Here September 13th- 9am "Rise" non traditional service "What Do You Love?"

Stand Alone Summer Sermons

Click Here September 6th 10:30 "Good is the Enemy of Best"

Click Here August 30th "It's All Good"

Click Here August 23rd 11am "An Offensive Mystery"

Click Here August 16th 11am " Freedom of Choice"

Click Here August 9th 11am "What I Learned In Sunday School"

Click Here August 2nd 11am "Are You Satisfied?"

Click Here August 2nd 9am non traditional service "Are You Satisfied?"

Click Here July 26th 11am "Vacation With Jesus

Click Here July 26th 9am non traditional service "Vacation With Jesus"

Click Here July19th 11am service--"Getting on God's Frequency"

Click Here July 12th 11am service--"Your Spirit Level"

Sermon Series--"Way To Pray:Understanding the Hows and Whys of Everyday Prayer"

Click Here July 5th 10:30 service--"Amen"

Click Here June 28th 11am service--"Wow"

Click Here June 14th 11am service-- "Help Me, Help Me"

Click Here June 21th 9am non traditional service--"Thank You, Thank You"





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  • T-Shirts for RISE (Trinity's new non-traditional service) are available for purchase for $12 (payable to TUMCLR).  Contact Charles Stanley @ This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    Welcoming the Stranger: Difficult and Necessary. The arrival in Europe of massive numbers of Middle Eastern refugees. Click here for more information.

  • Rise 2015 H 

    In less than an hour, be uplifted
    in a casual worship atmosphere.
    Launching to the public,
    Sept. 13 @ 9 am.

  • Get the study book-- Shiny Gods: finding freedom from things that distract us by Rev. Mike Slaughter. Devotional book titled First also available.  Series and classes start Sept. 13. Order thru, Amazon, or reserve in church office.
    Camp Aldersgate Fish Fry: Sunday, Oct. 11, 12:00-3:00. Click here for more information.
    Blessing of the Animals: Sunday, Oct. 11, 2:30-3:30. Click here for more information.

  • New Adult Class for Singles and Couples. Click here for more information.
    United  Methodist Communications. Register for the following courses. United Methodism 101, Communicating Faith in the 21st Century, Connectional Giving, Welcoming 101, Moodle 200. Registration is open until July7. Click here for more information.






  • Covenant. Starting fall, Rev. Betsy leads a 24-week, in-depth Bible study in three 8-week modules. Click here for more information.

    TriniKids Fall Music Activities (grades 1-5) will begin on Sunday, September 27 at 3:30 in the Believers' Village.

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Activities for Kids

  • Bible Boot Camp 2015

  • Deep Blue 2015

  • KingdomFest 2015


    Trinity's 6th grade Confirmation Class uses Legos to
    learn more about their
    faith stories. Check out
    their version of The Last Supper!